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Friday, October 21, 2005

Da Liberry's Back in da Hiz-ooouse!

Ok, I didn't post yesterday. So sue me. Who else can you honestly say posts every day? Actually, I didn't get one sad email from anyone wondering where the librarian was on the Thursday in question... no one concerned that perhaps I was taken out by the super-powered crabs, my body sliced into shreds by their razor-sharp pincher claws. No one the teensiest bit worried at my possible assassination by anti-library conspiracy theorists or my likely abduction by aliens. Come on people, where's the love?

I think maybe having a blog has caused my already inflated ego to reach epic proportions. But I'm working on three hours sleep here, give me some cred.

But now the librarian is back in the hizzy, ready to get down and dirty with the cataloging of audio books and the eradication of mold from the hallowed pages of my beloved texts.*

*Oh, and also, my new theory is that it is the super strain of mold I've discovered in here that is causing my brain to run in overdrive, in turn causing me to stay up all night doing squat.


Blogger Hideous_Kinky rocks hardcore!

This morning wile getting ready I noticed that I hum my own theam song.

7:32 PM


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