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Monday, May 14, 2007

That's A Lot of Pictures!

You asked for it! I put some real time and effort into this post and all the picture-taking. They didn't all come out as nice as I would've liked, but I was feeling the pressure of getting them done and I spent most of the weekend in New Hampshire, which greatly limited my photo time. I think I got everything people asked for- with the exception of the signs from my favorite haunts and a few lovely pictures of Boston, which I will definitely for sure get this week. I promise! And thanks to everyone who played along; this "assignment" gave me something to concentrate on while the Boy was in far-off lands. (Well, this assignment, and the benefit I went to with my mum where I won a $150 gas card and a pair of sweet Kate Spade sunglasses!)

So without further ado...

For Stefanie, my comforter and sheet set that is currently on my bed. I'm sorry to say it's a plain white down comforter- I do have a few different duvet covers, even one that matches this leaf print set, but when it starts to get warm out I leave them off.

For Aly, my favourite place to relax. (Hee!)

For Kelli, my morning ritual in a modest PG. Shower and products first!

Breakfast second. I don't normally have juice AND a shake, but I brought some juice for lunch and I pack up some cereal for an after-school snack.

And finally, my hair. Like it really makes a difference if I do it or not- in the humidity it always ends up looking like I just sat in a steam room anyway.

For moogan, the sorry inside of my fridge. I couldn't find any weird science experiments in there (besides Kelly LeBrock, duh). Please note, however, the giant can of Steel Reserve- the only thing you can clearly make out. I think there is also some pasta sauce, feta, ginger-echinacea lemonade, a couple bottles of wine, raspberry preserves, some diet Coke products, and some other things I can't quite make out.

The tea pantry.

For ween, the shoe room. And for the record, you don't have to tell me- I know I have shoe issues. The rest are thankfully in the attic in a bin where you can't see them (or the extent of my madness).

The newest acquisition: rainbow skull Rocket Dogs!

Also for ween: the view from my front window. Not so lovely, but at least the trees are finally blooming and can hide some of the neighbors from my sight.

For those who wanted to see my library: my office.

Who loves the pink and orange combo? I do, I do!

And finally, for l sass, the guts of my purse. I might also have a teensy problem with buying lip products.

Oh, and hey! If you click on them you can see them in larger format. More photos to come once I can get my allergy-ridden ass into the great outdoors to my favorite shops and walk routes!


Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

I loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your shoes are not out of control, I am not judging you.

7:37 AM

Blogger moogan rocks hardcore!

What a great post!
I love the purse contents.
Thanks for finding time to shot your fridge.

9:19 AM

Blogger Beej rocks hardcore!

The Stash fusion Green and White tea is my favorite.

The shoes though? Terrifying.

10:34 AM

Blogger Noelle rocks hardcore!

Thanks for the pics! You've inspired me to put more on my blog, which means I'm going to have to shell out money for a new camera that actually works. I also think I need to buy more shoes.

10:48 AM

Blogger L Sass rocks hardcore!

I think that is an acceptable amount of lip product for one purse!!! I support you!

11:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous rocks hardcore!

take it from someone who knows NPW persoanlly....she is a shoeaholic

11:51 AM

Blogger Kelli rocks hardcore!

Great post.
And I am 100% in love with the little plaid flats next to your newest shoe purchase. Really. Do they come any cuter than that?
I bought 3, yes, 3 new pairs of shoes this weekend. Hmm. Perhaps I need to take some photos myself tonight.

2:01 PM

Anonymous liberace rocks hardcore!

I love shoes and I love lip shit.

My friends and I have called chapstick type items lip shit for quite some time. Just the other day I saw some at Walgreens called Chicken Poop. With a website called I need to buy this.

PS: I asked for the shop sign photos. I am a PITA.

3:09 PM

Blogger Lisa rocks hardcore!

OK, I also loved this post! It was so fun to see all this stuff! I seriously thought you had a big shoe problem based on your writing, but now that I look at the picture I realize that I have a seriously larger shoe problem. And lip gloss problem. If I emptied my purse right now there would be at least four lip glosses in there. And that's not counting chapstick, lip pencils or lipsticks. It's a problem.

3:24 PM

Blogger Ween rocks hardcore!

Hooray for shoes! One of these days I'm going to drag all of mine out and shoot them before they actually get put into plastic boxes and shelved.

I'm thinking I might give you a run for your money.

Also? Love the shot out your front window...I'm always interested to see someone else's neighborhood.

4:57 PM

Anonymous repressed librarian rocks hardcore!

Great photos, thanks for sharing. I did this photo meme last year, and it was a lot of fun.

Your shoe collection is about the same size as mine, and you are one of the only people I know of whose tea pantry rivals mine!

5:02 PM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

Hmm. I carry more crap in my purse -- er, satchel -- than you do. I think I need to pare down.

5:43 PM

Anonymous Beth rocks hardcore!

I just purchased some ROCKET DOG shoes too (at the mecca for shoeaholics, DSW)...partially for the name and partially because they're cute. What a tasty hot beverage collection you have too. As an art teacher I appreciate the warm colors of your library. Very conducive to reading :)

6:44 PM

Blogger stefanie rocks hardcore!

Oh! So many comments! Thank you for obliging with the comforter shot. I love the leafy printed sheet set.

Love the little plaid ballet flats. Love that you have just as many lip products in your purse as I do.

I thought I had more to say, but now that the pictures are out of view, it all escapes me. Anyway, that was fun; thanks. :-)

10:03 PM

Blogger Kirsten rocks hardcore!

I own less than 10 pair of shoes, all functional (dress, running, hiking, walking, casual, work etc.) Does this make me any less of a girl?

8:07 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Jenn- Glad you liked it, and that you understand my need for shoes.

moogan- no problem! I only wish the fridge shot was more interesting for you.

beej- yeah, that tea is great. I also like the Rishi Masala Chai a lot, but it's all caffeine. It gives me a buzz like coffee.

noelle- always happy to inspire people to buy more things. A new camera and more shoes sounds good...

l sass- oh, good. I thought I'd get like 10 comments on how I was abnormal about shoes and lip stuff. I actually have a new pair of sunglasses and one more lip product in there now than I did when I took the pics...

anon- I can't help it! It's a disease.

kelli- those plaid flats are indeed cute. So cute they gave me a big flat blister on my heel last week! I think I might have worn them in though. I'll retry them once I no longer need band-aids.

lib- I think I'm going to call it that from now on. Lipshit. But I refuse to buy something called chicken poop, I don't care how awesome it claims to be.

lisa- that's a relief! I mean, for me. I always feel like I'm making excuses for having so many shoes, it's good to know that someone else out there shares my Imelda Marcos tendencies.

W- glad to be of service with the neighborhood pics. I'll try to get some better ones this week. Once it stops raining, and my face stops hurting from the pollen.

RL- I actually have like 10 more different kinds of teas, I just couldn't get them all in the picture. The rest of the pantry isn't so pretty. :)

Ace- What do you even have in your man bag? I mean, besides your lipstick and mascara? A wallet? What the hell do you have to carry around?!

beth- I love Rocket Dogs! They're so comfy for school. I was asking Chris the other night if owning more than three pairs of one brand means that they're my favorite by default... he thinks it just means I have a shoe fetish.

Stef- Thanks! The leafy set is from... where else? Ikea! As is the bed, the couch, the dining room chairs...

K- no, it makes you a sane human being. Although, I could use some more dressy shoes. Most of mine are for comfort over class, but I'd love some open-toe wedge heels.

11:55 AM

Anonymous LaLa rocks hardcore!

Ooh. I missed requesting a photo.

I would have quite liked one of your feet in your favourite place.

That sounds weird, but it's not... for creepy purposes or anything!

What is a comforter? I thought it WAS a duvet?

We call duvet's doona's!

6:05 AM


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