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Friday, May 04, 2007

Because I am Bored And I Am Lazy. And You Know This.

Time Started: 6:41 p.m.
Name: NPW
Gender: female

1.) When showering, do you start the water and then get in or get in and start the water?
If you got in and then started the water, you'd risk being frozen to death and then scalded. At least in my apartment, anyway.

2.) Do you read the labels on the shampoo bottle?
When I'm buying them. In the shower, I'm usually too sleepy.

3.) Do you moan in the shower like the people on the herbal essence commercial?
Absolutely not.

4.) Have you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings?
As an adult? What kind of pervy questionnaire is this?

6.) Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower?

7.) Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot?
Heck yes. It hurts like hell.

9.) How old do you look?
Old enough to be your mother! Wait, what?

10.) What's the last song you heard/sang?
One Two Three Four, Feist

11.) Have you recently become a member of anything?:
I don't think I understand this question. I just joined an Ultimate Frisbee league... does that count?

12.) What are your plans for the weekend?
Wine tasting, date night, family time.

13.) What is your mood at the moment?
A bit down.

14.) Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull?
No, but it's on my list of life-long goals. Tequila Rain, here I come! Maybe I can scratch off the wet t-shirt contest at the same time. (Ha!)

15) Do you ever intentionally vomit after eating?
No. Is this really the time or place to cop to bulimia, though?

16.) Who would win in a fight...a Tiger or a Lion?
Ummm. A lion? I like lions. They would definitely win.

17.) Have you ever called anyone a slut?
Not to their face.

18.) Has anyone ever called you a slut?
I wouldn't imagine so.

19). Have you ever smuggled something into America?
Yes. Shh.

20.) Does playing a guitar make someone more attractive?
Maybe? It depends on the person.

21.) Do you live in a city with a good sports team?

25.) Do you have more enemies or more friends?
I lost count at 111 to 115.

26.) Have you ever sent an anonymous letter?

27.) Can you fix your own car?
I can barely manage to put my own windshield wiper fluid in. Isn't that what Dads and boyfriends are for?

28.) Do you like staying up late?
Yes, although it's not very conducive to my work schedule.

29.) Are you smarter than your friends?
I wouldn't say so. I make them all take IQ tests before we can become friends so that I know they are smarter than me.

30.) Have you ever stolen anything from your friends?

31.) Have you ever been to jail?
No. I'm not cut out to do hard time.

33) Do you like the smell of beer?
The smell? Like stale beer in a bar? No.

34.) Have you ever died or killed someone in a dream?
Yes. It's very disconcerting.

35.) Have you ever given to charity?
Yes. I work in a school, you see.

36.) Would you kill a dog for $1000?
No! Sickos.

37.) Do you ever get depressed?

38.) Do you live with your parents?

39.) Do you have plans for your future?
I guess? I would think only the suicidal would have absolutely no plans for their future.

You are
[]short, 5'3" and under
[] 5'4"-5'5"
[] 5'6" - 5'7 ''
[x] 5'8" - 6'0"
[] tall 6'1 and up

[] blonde/dirty blonde
[] redhead
[x] brunette/light brown (tremendous too!)
[ ] black
[ ] dont know... dyed it to much

[] blue-eyed
[] brown-eyed
[] black-eyed
[] green-eyed
[] Hazel-eyed
[ ] gold/gray-eyed
[ ] silver/gray- eyed
[ ] blue/green-eyed
[ x] blue/gray-eyed
[ ] green/gray-eyed
[ ] they change colors
[ ] amber

[x] glasses--
[] neither

[] short hair
[x] medium hair
[] long hair
[] no hair

Your favorite color(s) are?
[] red
[] khaki
[] aqua
[x] pink
[] yellow
[x] black
[x] green
[] lime green
[x] blue
[] white
[] turquoise
[] silver
[] purple
[x] brown
[] orange
[] grey
[] fuscia
[] maroon
[] gold
[] teal
[] coral
[] clear
[] bronze
[x] i don't really care (you can say that again)
[] rainbow
[x] i basically like all colors

Your personality is sometimes...
[x] talkative
[x] shy
[x] funny
[x] serious
[x] laid back
[] strict
[] hyper
[x] sarcastic

The pets you have HAD?
[x] cat
[x] dog
[] rat
[] ferret
[x] bunny
[x] fish
[] horse
[] bird
[x] frog
[] hermit crab
[] turtle
[x] hamster
[] snake
[] gerbil
[] guinea pig
[] pig
[] chinchilla
[] tarantula
[] geese
[] baby chicks
[] baby ducklings
[] none
[] hedgehog
[] piranha
[] seagull
[] newt/ salamander
[] pigeon
[] lizard
[] I hate animals

Your confessions:
[] I hate silence
[x] I am really ticklish
[x] I'm afraid of the dark
[x] I've collected comic books
[x] I sometimes shut out others
[] I open up to others TOO easily
[x] I read the newspaper
[] I love Disney movies
[x]I am a sucker for gorgeous eyes
[x] I am a sucker for a gorgeous smile
[] I don't kill bugs
[] I have "x"s in my screen name
[x] I bake well
[x] I have worn pajamas to class
[x] I love Martha Stewart
[x] I am self-conscious
[x] I love to laugh
[] I can't swallow pills
[x] I bite my nails
[x] I play computer games when I'm REALLY bored (and also sometimes when I'm not)
[x] I have gotten lost in the city
[x] I have gone out in public in my pajamas
[x] I have made out in an elevator
[] I have been skydiving
[] I have been bungee jumping
[x] I have bitten someone
[ ]I have egged or rolled a house/car
[x] I have smashed into a car
[x]I have been skinny dipping

Have you ever...
[x] Seen a shooting star
[]Joke proposed to anyone
[]Gotten stitches
[x] Eaten Sushi
[x] Gotten the chicken pox
[x] Ridden in a taxi
[x] Been on a cruise ship
[x] Driven over 400 miles in one day
[x] Been on a plane without adults
[x] Had surgery
[] Seen a movie more than 3 times in the theater
[]Been on stage
[] Gotten a black eye
[x] Memorized all the dialogue in a movie
[x] Watched an entire baseball game

Do you like...
[x] Old movies
[] Musicals
[x] Blasting music in your car
[x] Foreign foods
[] Gameboy Pokemon
[] Christmas time
[x] Animals
[x] Coffee
[x] Tea
[x] Summer
[] Winter

Spell your name without vowels: nncyprlwnnb

What color(s) do you wear most often?

Last song heard on the radio?
Some Green Day song, unfortunately.

What's for dinner tonight?:
Turkey curry salad sandwich, roasted potatoes.

Are you happy with your life right now?:
Some parts of it. Mostly, yes.

Do you have:
- PSP?: nope
- PS2?: yes
- PS3?: nope
- XBOX?: nope
- XBOX 360?: want one!
-Wii? want one!
- Digital Camera?: yes
- game cube?: no
- Gameboy?: nope
- Nintendo DS?: yes

Do you shop at stores like Aeropostale and American Eagle?
Not often. I try to refrain from looking like my students. I feel that's a good rule of thumb.

How do you make money?
That's a bit personal, buster.

Last thing you bought?
Method Shaving Cream- I'm a sucker for cool packaging.

How's the weather?
Sunny and cool.

When do you start summer break?
Not soon enough.

Do you own big sunglasses?
Yep. Just call me NancyPearlLohan.

Do you find yourself attractive?
I'm not unattractive.

How many beds did you lay in yesterday?

What color shirt are you wearing:
Pink and black.

Name one thing that you do everyday?

How much cash do you have on you right now?
$21. That's pretty good for me.

What's your favorite sport?
To play? Tennis.

What did you have for dinner last night:
Pizza night!

Look to your left, what do you see?:
A pile of books. My camera. Day planner.

Do you have plants in your room?
Yep. I love me some green stuff.

Favorite Starbucks drink?
Hmm... iced Cafe Americano with a little bit of soy milk. Or the iced Tazo chai.

Recent time you were really upset?:
It seems to be happening with alarming frequency as the school year comes to a close.

End time?
Who cares?


Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

17.) Have you ever called anyone a slut?
Not to their face.

Really? Because I think you were looking at me when it happened.

"Acerock, you are a gee dee slut! Clean up your act!" Or something to that effect.

Also, I love that hermit crabs are on the "pets" list. They're everywhere, I'm telling you.

10:01 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

I just read that "Been on a plane without adults" one again and laughed, imagining me on a plane full of children. Ha!

Ace- Well. It's true, anyway. Why do you have to be such a slut?

10:32 AM

Blogger Beej rocks hardcore!

Acerock, you are a gee dee slut!

10:51 AM

Blogger briliantdonkey rocks hardcore!

holy moly that was a lonnggggg questionaire. interesting answers. They should add to the end "now that you have answered them all, do you have any last wishes my son'


11:01 AM

Blogger L Sass rocks hardcore!

That Method body wash looks awesome! Best packaging ever = best body wash ever!

11:13 AM

Blogger moogan rocks hardcore!

dinner sounds good

3:39 PM

Blogger Ween rocks hardcore!

You really had a goat? Because that kinda rocks.

4:13 PM

Blogger Mary Sheehan Winn rocks hardcore!

That was fun to read.
I like how goats pupils are sideways. Makes 'em look kind of cockeyed.

10:13 PM

Blogger Lisa rocks hardcore!

So as I was reading this, I had like ten comments, but by the time I got to the bottom I had forgotten most of them! I do love this post though, I like that there were random questions....geez. I really don't remember my other thoughts. How pathetic is that?

7:55 PM


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