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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Thirteen Things about NPDoubleU

1. This week has been "Spirit Week" at school, which I loosely interpreted to mean "Yay! I get to wear jeans every day! Week". It had all the usual dress-up days- Favorite Team day (I wore my snazzy Red Sox t-shirt), School Colors day (thank goodness I look good in blue and gold), Western Day (Chris has a surprisingly good selection of cowboy gear and my new hair seems to like being in pigtails), Spots and Polka Dots day (WTF?), and Comfy day (where else do you get to wear pajama pants and slippers to work?). Plus, thanks to the Christian soldiers I have Friday off, and any Friday off is a Good Friday indeed.

2. Sunday is Easter, which to some people means the very holy day of Jesus's resurrection. To me, it means one thing: a huge-tastic family dinner (which usually occurs every few months anyway), but with the added stress of having to make something delectable that everyone in my family will eat. Fortunately for me, it also means that everyone I know that has been crabby and irritable all Lenten season (a certain someone I know gave up coffee; that seems like an abomination against god and a surefire way to lose friends if you ask me) will once again be able to bask in the glory and the gluttony that is every day secular life.

3. Easter also signifies the time for the annual tradition: my Aunt will be making her famous lamb cake. No, not a cake made out of lamb, but a cake shaped like a lamb! She has the little mold, and once it's done and covered in shredded coconut, she sets it prettily on a bed of fake green Easter basket grass surrounded by jelly beans and Cadbury mini eggs. Then she chops off it's little lamb head, boxes it up, freezes it, and mails it to some unlucky family member or friend.

Imagine my college roommate's surprise when she accompanied me to pick up a package in the mail room and realized I had not received bags of Easter candy and money but a decapitated lamb head. This should explain a lot about my family's sense of humor.

4. I finally watched The Departed. Yeah, it was awesome. I also watched Kicking and Screaming (the Indie one, not the Will Ferrell one) which was both funny and strange, and I've almost finished up Season 1 of Alias. When I tell people that I watched every season of Alias except the first one I get some strange looks. But not from my beloved Netflix! He doesn't care one bit, he just sends my DVDs when I demand them. Of course, every time I see that $15.74 deducted from my checking account I vow to quit Netflix and join a new gym instead. Then I remember that I have about 80 movies in my queue that I cannot live without seeing, heave a little sigh, and keep adding titles.

5. For those of you still wondering, my team once again failed to win the grand Spelling Bee trophy this year. The losing word? "Rathskeller", which I totally spelled correctly but was forced to change at the last minute by an insistent teammate. Bitter much?

6. Blogger has been acting screwy the last few days. I've been having problems with the fonts and font sizes (it's a good thing I know some minimal html so that I can go in and manually change it), but what the hell? April Fool's Day is over, Google. I don't want any wingding posts, thankyouverymuch.

7. Has anyone else checked out the Comcast OnDemand fitness channels? I thought it might be a cheap (read: free) alternative to joining one of the horrid gyms in my area. Then I watched the first two minutes of "Urban Dancing" and had a full understanding of why these channels are free. Fortunately for me, one of the parents at school is a yoga instructor and is offering 10 free classes to a bunch of us teachers starting next week. Hooray for being an edumacator!

8. My spring break (Take Two) is quickly approaching. I only have one more week of school, and then it's couch time for this here library lass. I wanted to plan a trip but unfortunately I don't think C's ridiculous schedule allows for anything longer than two days, and two days seems more like a hassle than a vacation. He did mention that he needs to get out to Rochester sometime in the next few weeks (I can't believe it's been more than 3 months already!), but whether or not I will accompany him is still undecided.

9. I sent out a survey to my school staff that asked for suggestions on materials they'd like to see added to the library collection. Here are some of the actual responses: North Star book tracking devices, laser tag vests, slip n' slide set, mini golf putting green, and unicycles. I'm afraid to look at the student surveys.

10. I was just given a bunch of money by some parents to kind of re-design the library layout. I think I'm going to buy a couple of Ikea Klippan sofas for one of the corners, but I have a few concerns: first, does going to Ikea to buy things for school qualify as breaking my New Year's resolution not to go to Ikea? And second, where can I place these couches so that I am always able to see who's sitting on them and in what position?

11. Tonight I am hosting the 007 Bookclub at my digs. I'm both nervous and excited. I've never hosted a book club before and I feel as though Kelli set the bar high with the last pick. However I'm sticking to my guns- I chose Looking for Alaska, by John Green, and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully everyone else did too. If not, I bought enough wine to get all 12 girls drunk enough not to care.

12. There are those of you out there who probably read this ol' blog in order to keep up with Christopher's antics, especially since he has recently put the kibosh on the brickwindow site. Please let me assure you that he is fine, he is just looking for a new job and doesn't want his name tied to a site that basically calls him out for being a slacker. Ha!

Honestly though, C is doing well, despite the fact that his job, his boss, and his hours are terrible. I have to give him major credit for not punching either of his bosses by now and not quitting even though it's probably the worst job I could picture anyone having. All I can do is make sure he's all good when he's not at work and support him in his quest for new employment. Well, that, and be my usual entertaining self.

13. Please do not cry when there is no post tomorrow. For explanations, refer back to the latter half of #1. I'll see you all on Monday.

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Blogger Noelle rocks hardcore!

My junior high school library had unicycles, and it's why I'm such a good reader to this day.

1:05 PM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

Regarding #7: A couple years back, my Comcast On Demand had like, Tai Chi videos hosted by David Carradine. They were as insane as you might imagine, and yet totally awesome.

5:47 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

N- And if all the books have tracking devices in them, they'll never get lost on those unicycles. Brilliant.

A- The thought of you doing Tai Chi with David Carradine is totally awesome.

9:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous rocks hardcore!

Grasshopper you had the right hairdo for that Tai Chi that is totally awesome.

4:42 AM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

I want the head of a lamb cake for lieu of that, I will have oreo cookies of the double stuff variety.

7:04 AM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

I wasn't watching it for the Tai Chi so much as I was hoping to learn the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Which I didn't. Because Kill Bill is just a movie. But whatever.

Is someone making fun of my erstwhile pseudo-mullet??

8:34 AM

Blogger Tori rocks hardcore!

I am so glad that I found your blog!!!!
Thanks for checking mine out.
I live your 13 list and am looking forward to reading your archives.
From your 'about me' I see that we are the same age and you quite possibly have my dream really. I taught for 5 years (music) but mu passion for reading, books etc...has prompted me to want to get my certification to be a media specialist.
Would you be willing to talk to me about this via email?
Great blog!

8:40 AM

Blogger Kelli rocks hardcore!

oh my gosh, when I read your #3 I started laughing b/c my Mom's tradition is to make a bunny cake out of Easter...and no, not out of bunnies but with the mold and everything. AND just like your Aunt she sets it on a plate with green grass, and uses jelly beans for the eyes and nose. While she's never sent anyone the bunny head in the mail, the joke is usually who will end up getting the "butt" of the bunny on their plate Easter Sunday.

Also, you did an excellent job hosting last night and I know everyone enjoyed themselves. I may have left you some big shoes to fill (ha ha) but really, Looking for Alaska was a great pick!

12:33 PM

Blogger CarpeDM rocks hardcore!

Oh God, you make me giggle. I love the head of lamb cake idea. I immediately want to bake and send it to someone anonymously. Or, you know, bring it over to their house and maybe she'll stop whining to me about her divorce that took place FIFTEEN YEARS ago and the nasty lady that her husband left her for (who I absolutely adore) and instead cower in a corner. I don't know how I ended up with the problem mother-in-law when I'm not the one married to her son (my brother-in-law).

And the fact that you actually compete in a spelling bee makes me adore you so much.

3:11 PM

Blogger Lisa rocks hardcore!

I was wondering about the spelling bee, but since there was no Big Announcement I figured it best not to ask. That S-U-C-K-S. So sorry!
And I am *still* jealous that I don't get to be a part of the 007 book club. If only I still lived in Boston! I think my sister in law was there, and, of course, Kelli. Sigh.

1:54 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Anon- Ha!!!!

Jenn- On Friday (a day off), I had 4 Pepperidge Farm cookies for breakfast. Ok, fine. 6.

Ace- I believe they were, in fact, making fun of your hair. Those pictures are like internet wildfire.

Tori- Thanks! And sure, you can email me anytime at nancypearlwannabe [at] gmail [dotcom].

Kelli- I had so much fun! I know I already commented about this over on your blog but I just want to reiterate that I love having a group of intelligent females with whom I can discuss things like the Great Perhaps. :) Oh, and the lamb cake? So creepy!

CDM- One plastic lamb mold: $6.95. Scaring the daylights out of someone by placing a lamb head in their bed: priceless.

Lisa- Connecticut isn't that far a drive! Maybe when we meet on the Cape you can come. :)

8:30 AM

Blogger Mary Sheehan Winn rocks hardcore!

This is just too funny. I really laughed out LOUD!

7:27 PM


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