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Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Fun

I'm feeling rather lazy today, so I think we'll both benefit from me keeping this post short and in bulleted order.
  • Yesterday at lunch I pulled out my chocolate yogurt, which I eat as dessert and pretend it's chocolate pudding, and stirred it up really well to avoid another mishap. It looked a little funny, more of an orange color than the normal rich dark chocolate "sauce". But it was a different brand than I normally buy so I figured, hey, maybe their chocolate is orange-ish? Uhhh, no. One spoonful proved me wrong- it was peach! With actual bits of peaches! In a chocolate container! I'm no peach hater, but if they managed to get the entirely wrong flavor into a container what else could they have gotten wrong with this batch? Some of my more litigious co-workers thought I should fake a peach allergy and call the company for a lifetime supply of chocolate yogurt. The thought made me a little ill- both the idea of suing an organic yogurt company and the thought of a lifetime of chocolate yogurt sitting in my fridge.
  • One of my parent volunteers offered me her extra set of Genesis tickets at the Garden for the fall. So. Awesome. I'll be able to actually see the sweat glistening off Phil Collins forehead. And hello? Peter Gabriel? If you're reading this, I just want you to know that I always dreamed of Lloyd Dobler standing outside my bedroom with a boombox playing In Your Eyes.
  • Last night my mother called me to tell me that I must turn on the Animal Planet channel immediately. No explanations. When I finally found the channel I was enthralled: it was the World's Ugliest Dog competition! If those damn dogs didn't live in the lap of luxury I would have felt extremely sorry for them for being so exploited. My personal favorite was Munchkin, but despite her little tiara she still lost out to Archie, the toothless Chinese crested. Anyway, Chris and I both decided that the real competition would have been the World's Ugliest Dog Owner- we saw some stuff going on with those people that was just wrong.
  • Spelling madness to ensue this evening. Last year I complained that my school had no cheering section. I thought I was complaining just to hear myself complain- usually my whining falls on deaf ears. It didn't occur to me that anyone would take me seriously enough to show up at this event, but now I have a section of about 10 people coming with full-on signs and body paint. As long as they don't blare "We Will Rock You" from the audience and throw water balloons while I'm trying to spell I think it'll be fun to have some cheerleaders. I've been staring at the word eleemosynary for about 25 minutes now, trying to think of a way to remember it. Does that spell trouble?
Wish me luck, peeps. I'm out. See you fools in April.


Blogger Kelli rocks hardcore!

Is that the winner of the ugliest dog contest in the photo? Because my god is he scary.

GOOD LUCK at the contest tonight. I'll send good spelling thoughts to you!

12:50 PM

Blogger Lara rocks hardcore!

yeah, that picture freaks me out. i thought it was a zombie raccoon or something. nothing should ever look like that. EVER.

thanks for stopping by my place! it's great to meet you. :)

3:28 PM

Blogger Ween rocks hardcore!

I totally watched that competition the last time I was home sick. The owners freaked me out more than the dogs.

Yesterday I opted for "The New Detectives" instead. Oh, and Dr. Phil.

Bottom of the TV barrel, that man.

3:34 PM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

love the idea of the worlds ugliest dog, I wish they had a worlds ugliest people, I think The Ohio person would won...hands down.

oh and Shelly I can't do another like the piece your mom liked because I only had one of the image, the closest thing I have is the piece in my shop that I mentioned before that is from the same photo shoot.


7:23 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

K- No, that's Munchkin, my favorite ugly dog! The winner was WAY scarier than that. (And thanks for the luck wishes- we didn't win, but I blame one of my teammates for not listening to me on the spelling of the word "rathskeller".

L- You, too!

W- I can't handle Dr. Phil's smug face for 10 seconds. He makes me want to punch the ever living crap out of him.

S- No problem. I'll just wait until she emails me about the next piece she wants! :)

7:35 AM

Anonymous LaLa rocks hardcore!


Lloyd Dobler and Phil Collins in ONE sentence.

I am now, in heaven.

7:33 AM


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