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Monday, April 09, 2007

It All Works Out In The End

The trouble with long weekends is that once forced to return to a normal work week I always feel like I'm somehow getting gyped. Like, for real? You expect me to work 5 days out of 7? Shouldn't we try to balance out this whole work time/play time thing a little more evenly? And I always feel pressure to use that extra day off to do something supremely productive and wise, like building my own fallout shelter, or cooking myself lunch that doesn't involve peanut butter or jelly; inevitably I spend it lying about in my pajamas, munching on stale tortilla chips, going for walks, and watching movies.

Luckily, once this week is over I will have an entire week off and I'll be able to waste all the time I want. I'm definitely due for another vacation- I mean, seriously, when was my last one? Like six weeks ago? Geez, people, I'm not a machine.

I did however, manage to gather up enough courage on Friday afternoon to head over to the local Planet Fitness to see what all the hype is about. After last week's POW debacle I was very hesitant to seek out other gyms, but fortitude is my middle name. After a little discussion and a brief tour, they showed me the huge facility (complete with juice bar, chiropractic offices, and circuit training room), informed me that in 5 months they were moving across the street to an even larger facility with all brand-new machines, and found out that I was a teacher. Then it was time to talk pricing. Get this: $10 a month for teachers. No contract, cancel any time. Oh, and if I want to upgrade to $15 a month? I can have unlimited guest passes for Chris and half-price drinks. $10 a month! No joke. That's like a beer and a half at the Burren.

Sooo... this afternoon I begin a new love affair with the PF. And tomorrow morning? Free bagels. Thanks, new gym!

Anyhow, I hope you all had lovely nondenominational weekends filled with visions of genetically hybridized bunny-chicks hiding psychedelic eggs all around your domicile. Chris and I spent roughly 80% of our Saturday making what turned out to be glorified cupcakes. On Sunday, my lovely mother prepared a banquet fit for 12 people, half of whom did not show due to violent illness: a persistent fever and cough, some throwing up virus, and varied other sicknesses. Which, whatevs- it just meant more leftovers for me! My Dad even bought extra tupperware in preparation. That's what Dads are for, right? Lavishing their lovely daughters with leftovers and plastic containers?

Often times my sister and I use my parents house to do the bulk of our grocery shopping for the week. This means that battles sometimes break out over who gets what and end with some variation of this scenario: my sister kicking me in the backs of the knees so that my legs give out and I'm knocked unconscious by the kitchen counter. Or my sister punching me in the arm and shrieking so that I'm distracted to the point of exhaustion and don't care what she takes. Or my sister stealing what I've already packaged up to take home and hiding it until it's time for her to leave, then smuggling my stuff out to her car.

Sometimes my mother will try to mediate with secret advance offerings- for example, if my sister shows up before I do, she gets the extra package of syrian bread. If I show up early, I pack up all the spinach pies with the mail that still gets sent to my parents house (mainly solicitations to donate money to my various places of education), and my sister is none the wiser. In the end, it all works out- Chris and I have lunches for the week and I usually only sustain minor injuries.


Anonymous Lex rocks hardcore!

We made out evenly this time!! And it was only one punch to the thigh to beat you to the leftover packaging process!!

(ok I lied, I got the Tripoli's meatpie...aahahahhahahahhaaha!!!)

11:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous rocks hardcore!

Just what I love to witness..smackdown at the parents...and syrian bread when cut out properly and left on the counter overnight can become chinese stars and inflict great pain.

12:33 PM

Blogger Noelle rocks hardcore!

Welcome to the Planet Fitness family! I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop and find a flaw, but the only one is the 15 minute drive, which is hardly their fault. Free bagels!

I know what you mean about the difficulty of the 5 day workweek. When I realized that I wouldn't be taking a day off this week, it was rather heartbreaking. How long until Friday?

12:56 PM

Blogger Ween rocks hardcore!

I have to make everything myself the first time...this takes the delight out of leftovers.

But the booze dulls the pain. And I don't have to drive home!

1:36 PM

Anonymous LaLa rocks hardcore!


That is cheap in any country! It's $12.25 a month in Australian $ and most gyms charge you at LEAST $40 per month (I have seen some for $150 per month!)

In a attempt to convince myself that Easter is not over and it's not really Tuesday I just ate a marshmallow bunny at 6am.

I feel sick....

4:16 PM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

I feel like there's a joke I need to make here about my place of employment, and yet:

I got nothin'.

6:10 PM

Anonymous alyndabear rocks hardcore!

YUM, what a great weekend with extra food!

I want to join a gym that's only $10 a month WITH all those bits. Omg. So jealous!

Pah! You American teachers and your fifty thousand holidays! I still envy you. :P

6:22 PM

Blogger IMC Guy rocks hardcore!

Good luck with the gym - I've joined one as well. We'll see how it works.

Also, I'm a relatively new library media specialist as well - what kind of a school do you work in?

8:50 PM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

I miss grocery shopping at the parents house...damn pesky 800 miles from home!!!


7:56 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Lex- Whatevs. I got a hundred grapeleaves.

anon- Good idea with the stale syrian bread shirikins.

N- If I can hang on till Friday I'll have a week to recover. And I can go to the gym any time of the day I want! (I missed free bagels this morning though- they don't show up till 7!)

W- I enjoy leftovers, Chris kind of shuns them. Which means I have to make just enough that I'm not eating it for 4 days straight.

Lala- I know! I used to pay almost $80 at my last gym! Who knew there were even things around that still cost $10?!

Ace- Well, since I don't have to work there, I don't care. $10! For reals.

Aly- But you get breaks every 10 weeks! We only get them... well, I guess every 7 weeks or so. Yeah, we kind of have a sweet schedule.

imc- thanks! I'm in a middle school library. It's both frightening and amusing.

Jenn- yep, my parents go grocery shopping on Saturday so that I can come do "grocery shopping" on Sunday.

8:23 AM

Blogger stefanie rocks hardcore!

I am baffled by this Planet Fitness place. It seems too good to be true. I am waiting to hear you or Noelle admit that you've been brainwashed into some weird PF cult. What is in those free bagels and pizza and half-price drinks, anyway? ;-)

8:49 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

S- If PF is a cult, I'm only too glad to join. :) Like Noelle, my only complaint is that they are not in the most convenient of locations, but I'm willing to trade some minor traffic aggravations to not deal with the hassle of other gyms.

PS- Guess who called me last night? POW! Again!

7:54 AM


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