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Monday, February 26, 2007

Dossier: Project February Vacation

Mission objectives: To fully enjoy the allotted February vacation time
HQ: Living room couch
Known associates: Numerous
Field duty: Complete (02.17.07-02.25.07)
Status: Success

When I left off with the photo montage I had accomplished a fair amount of sitting around. I was pleased with my progress; I felt as though my vision of utter laziness was taking shape around me. Then the weekend came, C took Friday off, and all dreams of laying in a heap on the couch and practicing slowing my heart beat to a near-dead stop went out the window. Thursday night I went to the first meeting of the 007 Book Club, spearheaded by this woman. I thought it would be slightly odd to hang out with a bunch of ladies I had never met, but it turned out great. A few glasses of wine and some fun chat about The Glass Castle and all my fears of being kidnapped in Southie were alleviated. Now my only worry is choosing the book for the next meeting because when we drew for meeting dates, of course I happened to be up next. Representin' fo' the librarians out there, I best not pick a dud. Friday was spent running around the Museum of Science, taking in the new Darwin exhibit and observing some beautiful Galapagos turtles wander haplessly around a box painted to look like, well, a rock. Saturday we carted ourselves up to Portsmouth for some brewery action, had a delicious dinner complete with an assortment of "native New Hampshire cheeses", and walked over to the Music Hall to see The Bad Plus in all their jazzy glory. Now, normally I'm not the jazz type, but The Bad Plus never fails to blow me away with the sheer energy they give in their performances. It was pretty amazing- not to mention, they played Rush's Tom Sawyer. And then on to Sunday, when I arrived at my parent's house for what I thought was going to be a quiet dinner with them and my sister but which actually turned out to be some kind of mini-family reunion party, where we watched Jackass 2 and looked at baby pictures. Happy birthday to my sister, indeed.

And now, and now. It's snowing and I return once again to the land of the working. Don't feel sorry for me though- I'm ready to help the darling children with their 5 paragraph essays on Egypt and their debate research on whether schools should have dress codes. I'm ready!

In other news, I am wearing boots that have fairly high heels today, making me roughly 6'0". I'm used to towering over most of the students (esp. the runty little sixth graders), but wearing boots somehow makes me feel even more Amazonian than normal. They also make a satisfyingly adult click as I walk down the hallways: a departure from my normal Danskos. These are "in-charge" boots. Alas, they are also "twist your ankle in the snow" boots, which so far, I have successfully avoided. As the snow continues to fall though, the outlook on me making it to my car unharmed this afternoon looks grim. At least I didn't wear a skirt.


Blogger Kirsten rocks hardcore!

my boots make me 5'11" - i don't like to wear them because it makes me uncomfortable to be that far from the ground.

2:11 PM

Anonymous beej rocks hardcore!

Native New Hampshire Cheeses made me a little nauseated.

Just sayin'.

3:23 PM

Blogger Kelli rocks hardcore!

yippee for wine, the glass castle, and no kidnappings in Southie!
I have the utmost faith in the book you pick next.

And I love the "in charge" boots - I wear them whenever I need to feel empowered.

4:38 PM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

Saturday night, you were in NH, I was in Mass; it's like we switched states for the evening.

Also, don't go telling these people that you're tall. I've seen you: you're like five four in heels.

8:55 PM

Anonymous alyndabear rocks hardcore!

Well done on making good holiday progress! The mean, horrible side in me is dancing, now that you are back at work and I have someone to empathise with. ;)

Oh, and I am impressed that we both used the words "photo montage" in today's blog posts. Even though yours was impressive and fun, and mine is all of thongs. So not the point.

4:28 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Kir- It is rather strange to feel like you're tottering around so high up.

B- They were actually pretty good, as long as you didn't think too hard about the actual cows in the actual NH farms making the cheese.

K- I've made my decision on the book. I will email you today with the top secret information.

Aa- ha! Sometimes I wish I was 5'4. Like when old people make me get things from the top shelf in the grocery store. Then I realize, with this towering height I can be very imposing...

A- Boo on being back at work. Your blog makes me jealous that it's summer there and you can wear cute sandals!

8:30 AM


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