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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Six Days In

Every vacation flies by and I inevitably find myself on the Sunday night before school starts back up saying, "What the hell did I just do for ten days?" Well rather than rely on my faulty memory to take a look back on the February Break of 2007 I put together a little montage of some of the finer moments. That is, the ones not involving Matlock and alcohol at 10 a.m.

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Some Rochester peeps came to visit, so what did we do? Drank beer, of course! Fancy beer! In Brookline! God, we're such good hosts it kills me.

Every baby shower should have a flowing fountain of chocolate. It's good karma for the unborn child.

Uhh... babies also like things wrapped in bacon.

The little man had lunch with the ladies at the local Chili's. Being the best godmother, I gave him his first mandarin orange. Being a handsome little devil, he flirted with all the old ladies at the next table over.

"So, NPW, what did you do on your break? 700 loads of laundry? Wow, I'm jealous. You didn't even get a sunburn! Can I hang out with you on April break?"

The hallway of death. Carrying those 700 loads up and down these stairs = the reason I don't have a gym membership.

After burning up all those calories doing laundry, it was snack time. Quandary: why is it that I am petrified of wiping up raw eggs from the counter so I don't get salmonella, but I have no problem eating cookie dough immediately thereafter?

I think the dough was better.

Met C on his lunch break for some Burlington Ice Palace action- "Where Olympic dreams begin!"

The true ice princess. This picture doesn't do her crack justice.

I wanted to document my skating prowess, C wanted to make it look like I throw little children to the ice. And anyway, so what if I did? They have helmets! Geez.

Netflix and FedEx and packages, oh my!

Suck on it, Sprint. Do your phones let me watch the Colbert Report on my lunch break? Yeah. Didn't think so.

Still lots of things on the horizon: I'm working on getting C to skip out tomorrow so we can go see the new Darwin exhibit at the Museum of Science. This morning he actually said to me: "Tomorrow is the last day to close loans for the month". When did we become grown ups? With responsibilities?

I also have a book club meeting tonight to talk about The Glass Castle (which I very much enjoyed, as I do with all miserable memoirs about people with lives so horrible I can only thank baby Jesus that my biggest worry is cramps). And Saturday will be a Portsmouth adventure as Part II of the anniversary celebration- dinner and The Bad Plus show at the Music Hall. And then a mini-birthday celebration for my sister on Sunday, who, although younger than I, is still old.

Oh, and lots more daytime TV. Ahh. The good life.


Anonymous megan rocks hardcore!

I love the "spy photo" you took of your friend at the ice rink. God! There have been so many times that I wish I could take a photo incognito on the bus with my cell phone and send it to you.
Banana clips. Tight rolled jeans. It's like the freakin twilight zone in denver sometimes. Do these people not have a mirror in there house? Or at least a friend that would say "Hun, you might not want to leave the house with those rollers in your hair!"

5:57 PM

Anonymous alyndabear rocks hardcore!

A good life indeed - cracking up that you throw little children around!

9:04 PM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

for the record I think alcohol at 10:00am is fine, it seems wildly European, sort of chic. Don't judge yourself.

also...I think that loan closing sentence was the most grown up thing I have ever read...I barely understood it.

8:23 AM

Anonymous beej rocks hardcore!

You should've wrapped the cookies in bacon, too.

Also? Did you get the Ice Princess' number? Now that ANS is gone forever, I need me a new hottie.

8:57 AM

Blogger Kelli rocks hardcore!

SO - I love that I got to meet you and can picture the woman behind the blog now! I hope you enjoyed the book club experience and that it added to your February break (which,thanks to your documentation seems like a fabulous way to spend a week actually...)
I love the photo of you on the ice w/ the kid falling down next to you...cracked me up.
AND I'm totally with you on the cookie dough thing - I get so paranoid about raw egg EXCEPT when it comes to cookie dough, cake and brownie batter. I guess I figure the reward of eating that is worth the risk.

10:21 AM

Blogger Lisa rocks hardcore!

1) Raw cookie dough is always better than cooked. And have you ever heard of anyone actually getting salmonella from eating it? Nope.
2) Anything wrapped in bacon is just delicious
3) We had a chocolate fountain at our wedding, and everyone missed the cutting of the cake because they were hovering around the chocolate fountain.
4) We went on a cruise for vacation and got back late last night. Now, I'm not complaining, but sometimes spending a week at home drinking at 10 and watching movies is the better way to go!
5) I wish I could be in the book club with you and Kelli!!!

10:01 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

M- For real, this girl left the house in booty velour sweatpants, CURLERS, and a fur-hooded jacket? To rent skates and sit in the stands, complaining about how she "can't skate fo' shit?"

A- Hey, if I can't throw children around at school, I'll have to settle for doing it in public venues.

S- Oh, good! I was thinking of starting to carry a flask of wine to school every morning- I mean, my lunch is at 10:30. That should be acceptable, no?

B- Mmmm. Chocolatey bacon. If I see the Ice Princess out and about I'll snag her digits for you.

K- Hooray for book club!

L- I would have traded you a week of relaxation for a week of cruise... I loved my last cruise. Lucky!

8:10 AM

Blogger CarpeDM rocks hardcore!

Looks like you had a great time. What a fun vacation.

12:57 PM


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