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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Over and Out

I have a few things of which I need to inform you on this wintry Sunday morn:

1. As of Friday afternoon, I am on Winter Break. Way to start it off with a bang, I am a stuffed up mess. Classic NPW. Fortunately for me, I have ten full days to sit on my ass and recuperate. Unfortunately for you, that may mean a mini-blog break as well. Oh, I'll post here and there, but please don't cry if I miss a couple of posts. My nose and my brain both need a little rest.

2. I am going out this week to buy this phone:

Yes, gone will be the days of hoping the battery lasts the 20 minute ride home from work because my phone is straight out of 1997. I mean, I'm grateful that my mother gave me her (v.) old phone to borrow after mine was so rudely stolen, but seriously. I need my text messaging back. And who doesn't want a cool-ass flip out QWERTY keyboard? Whoo-wee, I'm a nerd. I briefly considered the Krazr, but once I held it in my hand I knew that all it would take would be one over-excited conversation for me to snap that flimsy little plastic thing in half.

Bonus: no more Sprint!

3. On Friday afternoon I got the official invite to be on our school's team for the annual Town Spelling Bee. Please, try to contain your jealousy.

You're probably wondering how you, too, can lead such a thrilling and satisfying life? A little friendly advice from me to you: treat yourself to a private viewing of Librarian: Quest for a Spear featuring Noah Wyle (heck, if you're feeling dangerous and think you can handle a double feature, throw in Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines and make a day of it) and then sign yourself up for library school, ASAP. You can thank me later.

4. Thank goodness I don't eat Peter Pan Peanut Butter, eh? And for those of you that do, maybe a bout of salmonella will teach you the importance of not buying groceries solely on what's the cheapest/sugariest product available. Shame on you!

5. My agenda for the week is pretty full, what with all the movies and books piled up next to my sick bed. But hey, if you're around and you're free, give me a ring and maybe we can do lunch. Because I'm sure lunch with you beats anything my co-workers are doing- Aruba? Boring. South Carolina? Please. Hawaii? Pssh. One pizza trumps traveling any day.

Later, 'gators.


Anonymous alyndabear rocks hardcore!

Winter Break! What is this break you speak of! Weren't you just on Christmas Break? And how come I don't get a Winter Break? (Never mind the fact that it's summer here; so not the point.) Wahh! Boo! Hiss!

1:41 AM

Blogger CarpeDM rocks hardcore!

Ooh, sorry about the cold. Not good. At least you get to lounge about.

I am somewhat jealous of the spelling bee. That sounds like fun.

Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the new phone.

12:33 PM

Anonymous megan rocks hardcore!

how are we supposed to call you if you don't have a phone...?

12:55 PM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

I am jealous of your spelling bee invite, in fact I am jealous over the whole Librarian way of life....

I long to be Parker Posey in Party Girl...that movie gives me the chills all over.

feel better!

8:36 AM

Anonymous beej rocks hardcore!

Party Girl is where I first fell in love with Parker Posey.

Also? Happy winter break, and I join you in sickness. Sigh.

9:06 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

A- We have three week long vacations during the school year- Christmas, Winter, and Spring. And then, of course, the long haul of summer, which is roughly two months. Suh-weet.

C- The spelling bee is fun in a very strange way. I should say, a very nerdy way.

M- I have a phone! It's just decrepit. My new one is being shipped as we speak. I mean, type.

S- You, too, could become a librarian. It may cut into your art time though. Just sayin'. Books wait for no art.

B- I'm all better! Happy winter break, everyone!

12:38 PM


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