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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Double Trouble

Awwww yeah. Happy snow day!

Oh yeah. And happy Valentine's Day, too.


Blogger Kelli rocks hardcore!

oooh I am so jealous of your snow day! AND you have a week long vacation coming up too.
Wait, what's that? I believe I am turning GREEN with envy...

1:36 PM

Blogger Kirsten rocks hardcore!

i wanted a snow day - but then i realized that there's more booze at work.

1:49 PM

Blogger Ween rocks hardcore!

What is this 'snow' you speak of?

2:22 PM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

I should've been a teacher. For serious.

7:22 PM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

I miss snow, we got a bit of snow covered with a ton of ice, which leaves me trapped in the house, day III...


9:05 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Yes, people, the snow day is something to be jealous of. Although, I won't be laughing in June when it's 110 degrees in the library and I just want out, but hey, I did get to sleep until 11 yesterday.

11:04 AM


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