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Friday, October 06, 2006

Super Special Long Weekend #2

Is it wrong that every time a kid takes out one of these books I have to suppress a giggle? I mean, his name is Bone and he has no pants. And what is that he's juggling? Sperm? How is this a kid's book?

Anyway, things here in NPWLand are going just swimmingly. Of course, being me, I do have one tiny complaint that I am going to voice here: it seems to be taking me much longer this year to get to work in the mornings than it ever did last year. The commute seems interminable. Even with my iPod chock full of music and podcasts, the 25 minutes I spend in the car are a little bit torturous. It's even worse in the afternoons when I just want to get out of the traffic and walk home. I look forward to weekends when I can park my car for three days and not think about it again until it's time to go back to work. And though my Civic does it's duty in transporting me places (actually, it probably does more than it's fair share considering how poorly I treat it), I still harbor a desire to be able to just hop on the T in the mornings. Recently the mere thought of a long car drive makes me squirmy.

Yes, it's probably some psychological block, rebelling against all those long drives out to Rochester (which thankfully have been put on hold for a while- no offense, Roch). But now every time I encounter the slightest bit of traffic I start to get irritated. That is a major problem in a city like Boston; there's no option but traffic here. The only way I can think to avoid becoming a raving Massachusetts lunatic is to find myself some Zen podcasts and completely zone myself out. Hey, it can't be more dangerous than me spending the entire half hour chatting on the phone while merging onto 4 lanes of rush hour traffic, right?

On to my next topic of ridiculousness: one of the teacher's aides asked me today if he could check out his own books. Check out his own books! I didn't pay thirty G's for my Master's degree to let you fool around with my computer system, buddy. Go get a degree from Library School and maybe I'll think about letting you take out your own books. Seriously- what is this, a library or a hippie commune? Next we'll be smoking peyote in a corner behind the stacks and making macramé plant hangers in the AV room.

Next up: another long weekend. Yeah, me! Once again, the old day planner has tons of stuff pencilled in but I have one word for you: Octoberfest. Of course, only time will tell how much we'll actually be able to get to- I always seem to have big big plans and then I have to pare them down a bit once I realize I've let my ambition get the best of me. But being too busy is better than not being busy enough- being bored is for suckas. I'll have a full report for you upon my return.


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