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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You Know You Want It

Our road trip to Boston was an unmitigated success. As Denise put it, I sure can sell the hell out of Boston. It's only a matter of time before everyone in Rochester finds themselves packing up all their belongings and making the six hour drive east to the land of clam chowder and endless beer. My evil plan has already been set into motion... mwahahaha!

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Anypoo- Denise, Dave, Chris and I had an amazing time. Let me break it down into a series of highlights for you:

1. Red Hook Brewery Tour = amazing. If you like beer, breweries, old New Hampshire dudes with long grayish-white ponytails, or cool tours, you should get your ass up to Portsmouth. Nitro Black? Yum.
2. The Friendly Toast, where you can eat your omelette and look at terribly fascinating art.
3. A Harvard Square tour, which included trips to Tealuxe, Newbury Comics, Cardullo's, the Harvard Bookstore, Black Ink, and Grendel's Den. (Still so much more to see!) It also included walking through Porter Square, where Denise was dazzled by the craftiness of Paper Source.
4. Seeing the glow of The Boy and Dave's faces in the rearview mirror, illuminated by a seriously challenging game of Legend of Zelda on the computer. This included occasional shouts of "How'd you like that, bitch?! I took another piece of your motherf'in Triforce!"
5. Drinking blueberry beer at Boston Beer Works and squeezing our way into the Littlest Bar.
6. Wandering around Davis, posing with the park statues, hangin' with the crazies on the T, the giant electrical storm that knocked a tree onto my neighbor's car, and walking everywhere.

There was so much more, but really you had to be there to enjoy it as much as we did. Maybe next time you would like the NPW Super Tour of the fair city of Boston?


Blogger Kirsten rocks hardcore!

oooh - i have been to boston a few times, but seeing it through your eyes sounds... intriguing.

9:16 AM

Blogger Aaron rocks hardcore!

The art in the Toast is more fascinating in its terribleness than "terribly fascinating", NPW. But damn if they don't know my name, Cheers style. After all, any place that serves Cherry Coke with actual cherries in it = love of my life.

3:56 PM


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