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Thursday, July 27, 2006

It Takes a Strange City To Make a Runner

The way I see it, there are three types of people in this world: those who enjoy running, those who do not enjoy running but will do it for the sake of exercise, and those who sit on their collective asses watching reruns of Judge Joe Brown while eating an entire sleeve of Thin Mints, a Hungry Man Salisbury Steak dinner, and a liter of Mountain Dew.

I myself fall somewhere between the first two, though usually much closer to the second. There are a few reasons for this; I can tell you that girls with any kind of chest to speak of should not attempt running as a sport without serious forethought. Strapping in the twins takes work- you don't want to test out a new sports bra on a run, for example. Too much bounce and you're out for the count. Anyway, given the opportunity, I will do just about any other sport before running- tennis, ultimate, hiking, dancing, track ball on the beach, DDR. But sometimes, just sometimes, when there is absolutely no one left I can con into keeping me company and nothing else to do, a good run can be exhilirating.

It seems that is the case today, what with people actually having to work and all- I am going to have to get my run on if I want to get any exercise in this city. I guess for the people that love to run, any city would be a good city to run in. But for me... there are so many other more fun things to do in Boston than running. I'd rather take a four hour walk. But here in Rochester? Well, I can see how this city would breed runners. Anyway, at least it's not as hot as yesterday when I thought I would get heat stroke in Ellison Park and someone's dog would find me laying in the grass, clutching my ipod and water bottle. But since I only know how to get to Park Ave, Target, and the Pittsford Plaza, Ellison seemed to be my best bet to not get the crazies beeping at me from trucks. Oh, how I miss the gentle yoga, the strengthening pilates, and the soothing sauna of my beautiful gym.

I guess it's better than Salisbury Steak for dinner.


Blogger Kirsten rocks hardcore!

i hate running, i just like finishing marathons. it is a catch 22.

12:46 PM


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