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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

100% Pure

I am a writing fool.

Apparently I missed my 100th post; you know as well as I do that I certainly would have mentioned that little fact if I had been coherent enough to notice it. Regardless, we are just going to pretend that this (104th) post is actually the 100th so that we can celebrate together.

What are you still doing here? WHY AREN'T YOU OUT CELEBRATING?

Anyway, what the eff did I even have to talk about for 100 posts? Well since I can barely remember last week, let alone all the way back to October, I started to look through some of my old posts. I had to admit, it's kind of nice to have a chronicled archive of my daily library life all laid out. At the same time it's a little embarassing, like reading your journal from 6th grade and remembering when you thought the viola-playing, cystic-acned boy in front of you in homeroom was hot as hell*.

But I digress. I hope this centennial post reflects my pride in continuing to write a blog that is strange and incongruous and disjointed, albeit grammatically correct, all for your viewing pleasure. Obviously my starting a blog was a flagship moment in history- someday you will all be thankful that you were there when the magic started.

*Viola boy was actually better than this guy.


Anonymous rude mega rocks hardcore!

after that 'grammatically correct' comment, i was REALLY hoping you'd spell there "their" or maybe "they're". (I mean, really, is it THAT hard?)

7:12 PM


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