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Friday, February 10, 2006

Agnostic Is The New Jewish

Spending four years of my impressionable teens and twenties at a school populated by an estimated 65% Jewish singles may have caused irreparable damage, if I weren't such a stalwart type of gal. Never in my high school days could I have conceived an entire campus of short men and yet there it was, shocking me anew every day as I walked to class. Granted, I could easily spot people in crowds from my view on high, but something was missing.

On the other hand, these Jews knew how to party it up, Friday night-style. Shabbat dinner and no electricity? Count me in. My roommates used to tape the light switches up for me so I wouldn't forget and leave them in the dark until Saturday's sunset. Seriously, though, the idea of gathering friends together on the weekends for food and drinks and entertainment is age-old. I do it, you do it. Everyone enjoys a sense of community. Unless you're anti-social. Or agorophobic. Regardless, nix the Torah and Agnosticism is the new Judaism... but you get to eat cheeseburgers. Who's in?


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