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Friday, December 22, 2006

Done and... Done

Ahh... the prospect of vacation in just a few short hours. Can you smell it? It smells real good. Man, I love Fridays- but the Fridays before vacations are way better.

I spent my morning playing Guitar Hero with the darling children (who love to yell WHAMMY!!! when playing Iron Man, which I find totally amusing), receiving gifts (mostly of chocolate, which I don't normally eat much of), and accepting coffee after coffee from different holiday well-wishers (how could I refuse free coffee, even if I've had about 13 cups this morning?). My plan for the rest of the day? More of the same. That's what holidays are for: complete self-indulgence.

Speaking of self-indulgence, I wanted to give you all a head's up that I may be taking a little blog vacation in addition to my school vacation. Or maybe not... we'll see if I'm feeling up to it. Keep an eye out for some random posts, but if I don't see you...

Happy holidays from NPW!


Anonymous Micah rocks hardcore!

have fun on your vacation/holiday!
Fridays before vacation are the best.

be well.

7:14 PM


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