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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who Says I Don't Work Out Enough?

Man, I am flat out busy today. Sixth grade science projects coming up and I'm actually, physically sweating trying to find books on catapults and the human brain and citrus fruits. Damn you, smart children!

So not to be completely boring, but what's up with the nasty weather? New England hates my ass. It's pouring, and the weatherpeeps are promising a foot of snow tonight.

So. That's awesome.

Oh, and speaking of nasty, I will leave you today with this image. Premium, indeed. Happy lunch time!


Anonymous Megan rocks hardcore!

I didn't think those chicken sandwiches were really chicken. Go figure.

11:19 AM

Blogger CarpeDM rocks hardcore!

Eww. Not good. I'm not sure if I'm referring to the snow or the raw chicken but I would not put up with either of them.

My word verification is wivhsup which I am now repeating to myself in an annoying WASSUP? way.

I'm sure those books are all for different projects but I have this image of a crime scene including shattered human brains and citrus fruit and Grissom from CSI: looking brilliant and saying "Ah. 6th grade science reports. All we're missing is the catapult." Is that weird? I think it might be weird.

11:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous rocks hardcore!

Um, I love how whoever got that raw-ass chicken sandwich ate about half of it before deciding it was photo-worthy.


8:09 PM

Blogger stefanie rocks hardcore!

Ew. I really didn't need to see that. Or, on second thought, maybe I did. Perhaps it'll keep me from putting so damn much bad-for-me stuff in my mouth.

It started snowing here tonight, too. There's still a bit of snow on the ground from the last storm, but considering it was 62 degrees a couple days ago, I still saw the snow and thought, "What the hell?" Totally thought we were done with that for the year.

9:25 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Franster- Well, the dudes that found it were from New Hampshire. They probably just wanted to make sure they got their money's worth- live free or die! From salmonella.

Stef- It was 70 here two days ago. Oh, ides of March. Your snowstorms are like an early April Fool's joke. Not cool.

7:13 AM

Blogger stilettoheights rocks hardcore!

good luck in the snow!!!

That chicken was yet another reason to be thankful for being a vegetarian.

7:48 AM


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