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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Busy Much?

Thanksgiving dinner: check
Birthday cake and presents: check
Moving all of my (and Chris's) earthly belongings to the new place: mostly check
High school ten year reunion: would have been a check if the idiots had planned one

Seriously, what kind of reunion committee has a five year reunion and then neglects to hold a ten year? Yeah, go Owls. Instead, a bunch of us are getting together for dinner which is actually fine with me because it's likely I would have ended up standing in a corner laughing at all the losers with them all night anyway. Now we'll just have to find other people to make fun of.

Anyway, Thanksgiving was delicious as usual and I felt very thankful to have my family and C there. I also got a ton of awesome birthday presents: C got me Guitar Hero II with the red bass so we can rock out together; he also came through with some flowers and a delicious night out at Figs, which I've been meaning to try since I moved to the city. My parents bought me a new pizza stone and pizza slicer, plus a new set of snow tires which I think will prove useful once the weather drops down below 65 here. My sister bought me a handy gift certificate to Target, which was awesome because I just bought about $100 worth of cleaning supplies for the new place. I also got a hand-knit bag from my aunt, 80's Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit from my cousin, and a little rose plant from my roommate. Yay birthdays!

Yesterday my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend all helped me move a ton of stuff to the new place. My mother also cleaned the ish out of my new kitchen. A very big thank you to them. I'm pretty sure I have the best family ever. Christopherson had to work (damn you, corporate America!) but we are going to do some more moving and cleaning today, plus a trip down to the ol' Ikea. Hopefully the place will be liveable very soon.

And that's all the news that's fit to report. With that, I'm signing off. Till tomorrow, peeps.


Blogger Awesome Mom rocks hardcore!

We don't have a ten year reunion planned and never even thought of a five year so I guess your school was a tad bit better than mine. I would not have gone any way since none of my friends would be the kind of people that would want to go any way. School spirit was so not cool.

3:06 PM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

I just found out over dinner that we are apparently having a 11 year reunion to make up for our lack of 10 year. Awesome, yes?

8:26 AM


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