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Monday, November 13, 2006

Manic Monday

All you people who did not go to a roller derby this weekend, raise your hands. C'mon, raise 'em. Ok. Good. Just verifying that it is, in fact, an unusual thing to do on a Saturday night. I mean yes, it was was hilarious. Yes, there were thrills and spills. Yes, there were many lesbian hipsters making out in the line for the bathroom. But overall, it was not as amazing as you might imagine. Maybe if it wasn't held in a Shriner's* auditorium it would have been a bit more impressive. (Although the Shriners do have those awesome red fez hats with the dangly tassels. Why do they dress like hurdy-gurdy men? And where are their little monkeys playing the cymbals? Are they all out helping burnt up kids?)

In any case, there was a lot more to this weekend than just some girls in tutus and skates! Saturday afternoon Chris and I finally went to see Borat and laughed our asses off. It was a bit anticlimactic after hearing so much about it last weekend but Ali G.'s antics did make me almost pee my pants a few times. We also got an invite to an impromptu BBQ at my friend Lori's place to take advantage of the amazingly nice weather. Since when is it 70 degrees mid-November? Why, since we no longer have an ozone layer, of course!

After the BBQ deliciousness and roller derby excitement, C and I decided to put in some serious time with Guitar Hero II. He became a bit enraged when my audience demanded encore after encore, but I appeased him by letting him play my special encore of War Pigs. Am I not the best girlfriend? This carried on well into the night and when we finally hit the hay we had beat the game on medium and I had the full 12 minute version of Free Bird stuck in my head.

Sunday was very productive and grown up. Grocery shopping and Target and cleaning- mucho cleaning, since my roommates had a prospective new roommate showing up. I really wanted her to take the place (relieving me of my current lease) I didn't want her to walk into a disgusting mess. It looks like she's going to take it- good luck to her, and I sure hope she likes cleaning!

Some random stats to ponder this Monday:

7 1/2 more work days till Thanksgiving break
11 more days till my birthday
17 more days till we move
107 hits on my blog yesterday (WTF?! I'm sorry my Sunday post sucked.)
53 blogs randomly encountered from NaBloPoMo today

*I found this entry in Wikipedia: "Established in New York City in the 1870s, the Shriners are best known for having fun. Members of the Shrine are immediately recognizable by the fezzes they wear, and are often seen in parades and as clowns in the Shrine Circus. " Number one, who knew the plural of fez was fezzes? And number two, I totally saw their clown caravan at the auditorium, but there were definitely no clowns in attendance at the derby.

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Blogger Kirsten rocks hardcore!

the fezzes were just here a few weeks ago. they were sad because ticket sales were low. are there female fezzes?

PS: btw, how did Chris handle the news of Spot?

PPS: do you mean hits or visits? one visit to a site can equal several hits as hits refer to the files (html pages, images etc) that the server accesses. not trying to burst your bubble, i'm just a web nerd who has too much useless experience reading server log files :)

10:44 AM

Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

Hmm. I don't know about hits v. visits. It just had an unusually high number on my statcounter thingy! :) I don't believe there are female fezzes- the Shriners are kind of like the freemasons? It's like a secret fun men's club.

Chris took the Spot news pretty hard but I was very supportive of his pet grievance. In time he may get a new goldfish, but Spot lived a long and productive life.

11:19 AM

Anonymous Micah rocks hardcore!

I think the only thing that could make roller derby more exciting is to have symphonic members scattered around various edges of the rink playing Beethoven's 5th while dealing with the possibility of being smashed by brutish women.

Guitar Hero II eh? Good stuff. I just experienced the wonders myself this weekend.

8:52 PM


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