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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Six Gun Salute

A few things to clear up:

First off, I managed to get stuck in a technology tangle yesterday for the duration of my workday. You know when you're having one of those nightmares where everything you try to do is in slow motion and you're trying to speak clearly and normally but it's all coming out wrong and you just keep getting more and more frustrated? Well I felt like everyone else was having that nightmare yesterday and I was the only one wide awake but still stuck in it with them.

Secondly, some sad news. When I got back into the library this morning, I saw a crowd of kids circling the giant fish tank. Not a good sign, as they tend to gather only for collective destruction and/or violence. I cleared a path, only to find my giant sea robin fish belly up in the tank. Before I knew what was happening, I was surrounded by a surging mass of distraught children claiming that Sea Robin had been their loyal friend, and what had happened to him and could we have a burial service? I'll tell you, when those nasty spider crabs got eaten, I was the first to rejoice. But despite his creepiness, I actually felt a little sadness at the passing of the Old Man of the Sea. And also a little guilty, since I laughed at him yesterday when he was bobbing vertically in the tank- I mean, how was I supposed to know his time was up? So I drew a few pictures of happy, smiley fish swimming in the ocean and taped them up over the tank until we can get some new marine life up in this piece. RIP, buddy. You'll be missed.

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Lastly, the next two weeks of school are testing and so I am anticipating 1.) that I will be bored out of my head with no classes coming in, and 2.) that the students will be antsy and edgy and generally irritable. I don't blame them- I'd be cranky, too, if I had to sit for hours on end taking state exams aimed pitting school districts against each other in the race to have the best-test-taking children.

With that said, I apologize for the lack of posting yesterday. A little running, some R & R, and I'm back on track.


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