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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This is the beginning of the end...

The other night I heard an amazing suggestion from an amazing person. The suggestion was this: create a blog.

Doesn't sound very amazing, does it? But it is!

It's amazing because even though everyone and their mother has started a blog there are still infinite possiblities of what they can contain. They're like anonymous biographies of mostly insignificant people who are doing their thing all over the place. And really, what could be more interesting than the innermost thoughts of everyone and their mother?

The other reason this blog was an amazing suggestion was the sheer amount of garbage running through my head at any given moment. This gives me a chance to just dump it all out, maybe even recycle it into something usable.

So here it is, folks. Fresh from my brain to yours. My oeuvre. My piece de resistance. My blog.

P.S. That amazing person I was telling you about? That's one of his paintings up top. Check out his website:


Blogger NancyPearlWannabe rocks hardcore!

I am amused...the crabs may revolt but not before they change shells and disguise themselves as harmless sea creatures. Rise up I say and revolt against the carpeting instead.....much more harmful.

5:10 AM

Blogger Hideous_Kinky rocks hardcore!

Ahhhh yessss, the carpet...
It's all good sense making now to me... Do you think they'd change into Plaid Shells?? Cause Plaid is my favorite color.
and flaaavor.
Mmmmmm Plaaaaadddd...

8:07 PM

Blogger Joe Kitsch rocks hardcore!

You have crabs? Well I suppose it's nothing a good shave and cream can't take care of.. I mean, what?
Oh. Spider crabs.
But seriously, have I mentioned how beautiful you are?
Through and through.

4:05 AM


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